• New Mecha Universe Loyalty Points System



    Well as you may have realized, from Mecha Universe we have launched “MECHA UNIVERSE LOYALTY POINTS SYSTEM” (MU LPS sounds so gundam/mech tech ^_^) basically it is a point program, the more you buy, the fatter is your coupon. Nothing New or Flashy but somehow we wanted to return you guys whatever we could!

    The basic rule is you buy products, 1eur, you get 1 MU Point, that is 0.01eur coupon discount. (100eur in products, are 100 MU Points, 1eur coupon discount) Of course there will be special items with additional points, can be 1.5x, 2x, 3x who knows maybe 10x! Points will be automatically assigned to your account as soon as we complete the shipment of your order. And you can redeem / change your points in your account settings.