Why use Gunprimer

Model kits are incredibly popular nowadays, even moreso in Asia where countries such as Japan or Taiwan are the birthplace for companies like MADWORKS or GodHand and now from Korea hails Gunprimer, focused on bringing high-quality tools designed for beginners with a sleek aesthetic.

They aim to cover all kind of needs and so their offer ranges from sanding tools to scribers, ensuring that all Gunpla fans enjoy them to the fullest.


We're an official GUNPRIMER distributor, ensuring you get the best prices on original models no matter where you are, since we ship to all the European Union with an average delivery time of 24h to 72h.

All of our shipments are sent from our warehouse in Barcelona.

What are some of the best tools in Gunprimer's offer?

Despite being relatively new compared to some of the biggest players, Gunprimer has carved a spot by itself thanks to the quality of their tools and the niches they cover.

Their scribing guides are unparalleled in the market, helping when we want symmetrical panel lines and other products such as the Joint Guard which help us reinforce the joints of our model kits. But most of these pale in popularity when compared to their Raser glass file, an extremely smooth yet powerful file that will allow us to remove as much material as we need to while never causing scratches nor losing shine on the plastic.

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