Delpi Decal waterslides

One of the easiest ways by which we can improve the final look of our plastic model kit, specially those of the Gunpla type, is to apply waterslides. When looking for those, not only do we need to find something that fits our taste and the suit but ensure they're quality decals to avoid headaches with silvering or ripping. Delpi Decal has become one of the most popular brands for this kind of product.

Types of Delpi Decal waterslides

Not only does this korean company offer water decals in the style of, for example, BANDAI they've gone further beyond and they offer glow in the darkmetallic or holographic decals

Buy delpi decal waterslides

We're an official Delpi Decal distributor, ensuring you get the best prices on original tools no matter where you are, since we ship to all the European Union with an average delivery time of 24h to 72h.

All of our shipments are sent from our warehouse in Barcelona.

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