Cotton Swab

Cotton swabs

Applying decals is a hard job by itself, especially when taking into account what type of decal we're working with, the zone it's being applied to, it's size... or the process of cleaning up panel liner, a process that when not properly done will give the kit an unpolished look.

There's a myriad of methods and tools to do these tasks but the most common one is the usage of cotton swabs or certain plastic swabs.

Buy hobby cotton swabs

Hobby cotton swabs ensure a clean and quick job when applying decals and cleaning panel line and at MechaUniverse we offer them all.

We ship from Barcelona to all countries in the European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. Our delivery times are between 24h to 72h hours.

You can find reviews on our eKomi website and on Google Reviews.

Why are hobby-grade cotton swabs better for this?

The main reason lies on how tight the bundle of cotton is spun, ensuring that there's no strand left behind nor does the swab lose its shape as easy as medical cotton swabs. The cotton swabs shape is also another factor to consider since we may find both round and arrow-pointed ones for us to work as comfortable as we can.

This is the reason why cotton swabs from brands such as Mr. Hobby Mr Cotton Swab or Tamiya Craft Cotton, which are designed with Gundam model kits in mind, are better than the average swab,

There's also other types of swabs, namely the Mr. Clean Stick, a plastic stick with a swappable silicone brushes. Thanks to this material, we get a gentle but firm tool that allows us to easily apply decals.

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