Mr Metallic Color GX

Mr. Hobby Color GX

The Color GX line of products has become the premium line of the Japanese Mr. Hobby, bringing an even finer pigment which allows better and brighter colours, while improving the ease of use when airbrushed.

This addition to the Mr. Color line is also a type of lacquer paint, fact that makes it ideal when we plan on a durable and shiny finish, easily attainable should we use a levelling thinner such as Mr. Hobby Levelling Thinner.

The GX line has a sister in the Super Metallic GX line of paints, focused on metallic colours.

How to use Color GX

Thanks to these improvements, the Color GX line can be used both with an airbrush or a regular brush as long as it's properly thinned.

The thinner must be a lacquer thinner such as Mr. Color ThinnerMr. Color Rapid Thinner and Mr. Color Levelling Thinner.

Why buy Color GX

Mr. Hobby has become a pillar of scale modeling and this new line brings features that will make it easier to achieve better results.

MechaUniverse is an authorized distributor of Mr. Hobby paints, ideal for scale models with a wide range of colours and features.

We ship from Barcelona to all countries in the European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. Our delivery times are between 24h to 72h hours.

You can find reviews on our eKomi website and on Google Reviews.

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