Vallejo Mecha Colors

Vallejo Mecha paints

Vallejo is a household name by now thanks to their decade-spanning experience. Their paints are used in all kinds of hobby, from miniatures to mecha model kits thanks to their ease of use and wide array of options.

Hobby paints are made by binding a pigment to a carrier, which decides the type of paint we're dealing with. One of the main reasons as to why we should use this kind of paint over regular brands is the grain of the pigment, which is far smaller than in other types of paints and makes it ideal to work with on smaller scales without hiding details.

The Mecha Color line of paints is composed of water-based acrylic paints, which makes them incredibly easy to use while able to achieve great results. They dry quickly but require a longer curing time compared to other kinds such as lacquer. 

Vallejo Mecha Color

Compared to other series such as Model Color, this line is specifically formulated for mecha model kits and so brings a higher resistance to scratches and other damage that may incur upon the model as we pose it.

Furthermore, they come prethinned and are airbrush ready due to the popularity of said tool in the Gunpla and model kit world.

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