30 Minute Sisters

Given how well-received were the 30MM, it was a matter of time before we got some additions to it but it wasn't in anyone's bingo for it to be a line of mecha musume kits which historically have not been part of BANDAI's focus.. This aesthetic combines the moe aesthetic with armours and military equipment, sometimes this gear being either parts of another known mech or a mecha redesigned as a woman.

This line inherits the universal compatibility of the 30 Minute Mission line of kits and are all compatible with eachother and retrocompatible with the aforementioned models.

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An excellent way to enter the mechamusume part of the model kits hobby, with great articulation, variety and compatibility.

We ship from Barcelona to all countries in the European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Portugal. Our delivery times are between 24h to 72h hours.

You can find reviews on our eKomi website and on Google Reviews.

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