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Mr. Hobby, also known as GSI CREOS, is a Japanese manufacturer of hobby tools, from those aimed at beginners who are just starting to catering to the needs of the most demanding builders.

Hobby paints work similar to other kind of paints, by which there's a pigment bound to a resin floating on a solvent, which will be the foundation for the paint naming scheme. The main difference when compared to other paints used in areas such as woodworking is the pigment size, which is far smaller in paints used in scale model, no matter the brand, a fact that allows us to paint scale models without hiding details.

The Mr. Hobby Mr. Color line of paints are all lacquer paints, which means they're incredibly toxic and require personal protection equipment, the most important piece being a respirator with organic vapour filtering capabilities. This doesn't mean we should handle them without care and so gloves and/or protective goggles are recomended.
In exchange for these added requirements when using them we get the most resistant paint available for scale models, with unmatched shine and colour range. They're also the easiest type of paint to work with when doing certain airbrush techniques, such as metallic or candy coating.

How to classify Mr. Hobby paints

While there are plenty of characteristics you may use to classify them, the easiest and most concise way to do is by checking for these three main points

  • The series they belong to, in order to know their purpose and proper usage
  • Finish type
    • Mr. Hobby sells paints that can have a glosssatin or flat finish.
      • There are also metallic paints that are marked as such.
      • Furthermore, some of their products count as both primer and paint.
  • Some paints have to be applied at different stages. This is why you may find paints labeled as base or primary colour, while others are labeled as layer or clear.

Mr. Hobby paints and their subtypes

Mr. Color is their main line of lacquer paints under which you can find different types depending on their aim or specific features

  • Mr. Color GX offers a pigment that's even thinner than their usual one, which means a higher colour saturation. Has less available colours when compared to the flagship line but has become their premium line of paints.
  • Mr. Color Metallic Color GX focuses on metallic colours with extremely thin metallic pigments, combining their lauded Super Metallic style of metallic colour and the ease of airbrushing the GX line offers.
  • Mr. Color Lascivus aims to cover the colours required when painting skin, something that's more commonly done on mecha musume kits such as the 30 Minute Sisters line.
  • Mr. Hobby Mechanical Color is a small range of paint focused on three colours, red, blue and yellow with three different shades, ideal to create detailed shading or colour mixes for the most demanding builders.
  • Mr. Color Gundam Color aims to bring an easy way to recreate the exact hues on the Mobile Suit Gundam series. This line is commonly featured in the latest BANDAI Gunpla kits, for each colour allows the builder to achieve the perfect shade and hue to recreate the exact official colour scheme without mixing paints.

Buy Mr Hobby Color

MechaUniverse is an authorized seller of Mr. Hobby paints, ideal for scale models with a nearly unmatched array of colours and features.

We ship from Barcelona to all countries in the European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. Our delivery times are between 24h to 72h hours.

You can find reviews on our eKomi website and on Google Reviews.

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