AMMO MIG Acrylic Color

AMMO by MiG Acrylic Color

MiG is not an upcomer or starting brand, having experience in the world of military miniatures at an expert level that spans decades. Their paints have become the standard in said world and nowadays they're gaining acceptance and usage in the Gunpla world for those who enjoy bring a more realistic and grounded look to their mecha kits.

Their Acrylic Color line of paints is composed of water-based acrylic paints, making them non-toxic and odorless, achieving a full curing time in 24h hours. Their finishes are scratch-resistant, even moreso for a water soluble paint, with a matt or satin finish depending on the paint we use.

They're an ideal pick for both beginners who want to start customizing their Gunpla and to those who have already painted before and are looking to achieve a weathered or grounded look.

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