What are the Gunpla Ver.Ka model kits

The 1/100 scale are one of the most cared for by BANDAI, with multiple franchises and lines dedicated to it due to the possibilities such size has for details, both visual and mechanical. From the Full Mechanics line to the premium MGEX, it doesn't matter what we're looking for because we'll surely find it. But in this scale, where do the Ver.Ka kits stand?

The Master Grade Ver.Ka, an extension of the long-running Master Grade line, is solely designed by Hajime Katoki who redesigns the model kits, either previously released ones or those only seen in the series, focusing on improving it's visuals and proportions.

Extremely detailed

This level of detail is not something to take lightly. Each and every model of this series releases with even more attention to detail to that found in the MG line, proved by the improved surface detail, part and colour separation, panels, added accessories and waterslides alongside a commonly improved articulation of the mecha which usually comes alongisde a new gimmick.

When every Gunpla fan knows the masterpiece the Sazabi Ver.Ka is, there's a reason why.

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