HGUC - High Grade Universal Century

High Grade Universal Century model kits

Whenever we’re looking for a specific Gundam to check if it has any model kit, in the overwhelming majority of cases it will be, at the very least, recreated in the High Grade line of model kits.

Inside this line of kits which encompasses model kits at 1/144 scale of multiple franchises, we have both the homonymous High Grade and another series of mecha kits dedicated to Gundam and certain timelines named High Grade Universal Century as homage to the timeline that began with the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

All model kits that belong to this HGUC line feature a golden stripe on their box marking them as such. As years went by, BANDAI added extensions to this line of kits which featured suits from other timelines such as After Colony, After War, Future and Correct Century or Cosmic Era. Models from these timelines feature a silver stripe on their box to differentiate them from the main HGUC line.

Gunpla Revive

Certain scale models whose age slowly started to be a nuisance whenever they were being built or worked with got new releases, featuring the latest engineering and completely new tooling. They’re marked with the Revive tag on their name and are released under the Universal Century line, an example of this being the RX-78-2 (Revive)

Series covered by the High Grade Universal Century

Since this line of products covers a wide array of model kits depending on the timeline they belong to it may be confusing to navigate at first but you can easily browse them through our website.

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