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Perfect Grade model kits

BANDAI's most advanced line of mecha kits, closely followed by the MGEX, is composed of 1/60 scale models, the biggest the Japanese company offers without sacrificing complexity. There are larger scales such as the Mega Size ones or even 1/32 busts but they're not remotely close to the overwhelming details of this line.

And it is indeed overwhelming, for no other scale models from this company -or nearly any other- have the same combination of quality, size, complexity and attention to detail. Every single one of the Perfect Grade model kits are a masterpiece of Gunpla.

From the shelf-dominating Strike Freedom to the recent Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2, a vastly improved RX-78-2 in which BANDAI spared no effort, bringing unparalleled mechanical detail without sacrificing other gimmicks such as lighting the whole model up.

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The best model kits you can get from BANDAI, each becoming a trend-setter.

We're a leading European store as proven by our eKomi and Google Reviews.

From Barcelona we ship to all European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Portugal. Our delivery times are from 24h to 72h.

Pushing plastic model kits to new horizons

The scale that BANDAI works with in this series allows the best engineering the company can afford and therefore, it features details no other series can have or they become the testing ground for new additions that shall become standarized.

From the Unchained Unicorn transformation that required a heavier frame to support it to the Exia whose chest illuminated and later on became a standard addition without forgetting others with their surface covered in details such as the GP01. All of the designs have stood the test of time, the Zaku II being proof of it for it still being lauded as beautiful mechanical marvel and used as base for large conversions.

PG Gundam are labours of love, from the company to the fans and they end up becoming the best scale model available for that specific mecha. But this comes at a price, some may think. Their part count numbers in the hundreds with some reaching the thousand. Their LED tooling requires patience and some dexterity and the building of the kit itself is a long task. But, as fans of the series as much as you are, they're an experience to be delighted with no matter if you're a newcomer or a veteran.

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