30MM - 30 Minute Missions

30 Minute Missions

When looking for a new mecha model kit to build, maybe we're looking for something that differs from BANDAI's flagship either due to taste or just because we're looking for something new.

This is where the 30 Minute Mission kits come into play. They're original designs with an aesthetic more reminiscent of other mecha franchises such as Full Metal Panic. Furthermore, one of the biggest draws this line of scale models is the universal compatibility they boast. Every single model, accessory and even their sister line 30 Minute Sisters can be mixed together, bring a nearly unparalleled customization without extra tools.

Buy 30 Minute Mission model kits

A brand new series to enjoy, offering amazing customization with a low barrier of entry.

We're a leading European store as proven by our eKomi and Google Reviews.

From Barcelona we ship to all European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Portugal. Our delivery times are from 24h to 72h.

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