Studio G paint

When painting, it's not easy to plan the colour scheme for it needs to take into account colour theory, saturation, which type of paint we're gonna use and if we want to combine them... This is even moreso true when we're trying to recreate something we saw another builder do, specially if its a professional one. Studio G is a world-renowned builder, famous for their clean and futuristic style on their Gundam builds who has now joined the market with the launch of their GPaint series, lacquer paint that is a 1 to 1 recreation of the colours featured on their builds.

Prethinned lacquer paint

Alongside the expected quality from a professional builder, another feature of these paints is their ease of use for they all come prethinned and ready to be used, either with brush or airbrush making them ideal for beginners, no matter if they lack experience in painting or using lacquers.

Buy GPaint

We're an official GPaints distributor, ensuring you get the best prices on original models no matter where you are, since we ship to all the European Union with an average delivery time of 24h to 72h.

All of our shipments are sent from our warehouse in Barcelona.

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