Aqueous Hobby Colors

Mr. Hobby Aqueous paint

Mr. Hobby, also known as GSI CREOS, is a Japanese company specialized in modelling tools with a focus on mecha model kits. Their products range from beginner tools to high-precision tools for the most demanding of builders.

Hobby paints are made by binding a pigment to a carrier, which decides the type of paint we're dealing with. One of the main reasons as to why we should use this kind of paint over regular brands is the grain of the pigment, which is far smaller than in other types of paints and makes it ideal to work with on smaller scales without hiding details.

The Aqueous line of paints is composed of water-based acrylic paints, which makes them incredibly easy to use while able to achieve great results. They dry quickly but require a longer curing time compared to other kinds such as lacquer. Thanks to their lower toxicity there's no need for a respirator but it's still recommended that you paint in a well-ventilated environment and at least, wear a mask.

In exchange for all these perks, they are not as scratch-resistant as other kinds of paints and certain techniques may be harder to carry out with them.

Overall, they're an ideal pick for both beginners who want to start customizing their Gunpla and to the experts that know how to fine-tune their dilutions.

Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gundam Color

Inside this series of paints there's the Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gundam Color, a range of paints specifically made to work with BANDAI Gundam model kits. Their purpose is simple, they recreate colours faithful to the ones seen in the animation series without requiring mixing multiple colours.

How to use Mr. Hobby Aqueous

  • Do not use while temperatures are above 25º or below 15º if possible. Avoid using when humidity is over 70%.
  • Should you encounter orange peel, a textured coat of paints, the causes are multiple but commonly
    • High temperatures causing the thinner to quickly evaporate
    • Not spraying perpendicular to the piece
    • Wrong pressure or needle size if using an airbrush
  • Should you find cracks over the paint, it may be due to high temperatures or multiple coats without letting the previous one properly air it's solvents
  • Should certain parts have small white patches, especially noticeable when using clear coats, it may be due to high humidity during application or curing.
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