Starting point on your Gunpla career

One of the most frequent questions most future Gunpla make is Where do I begin?

The answer varies heavily depending on who’s asking and who’s answering. Some may recommend a High Grade from a series we enjoyed or others may get a Ver.Ka recommended as they’re experienced with model kits.

But for those cases in which we neither now Gundam nor model kits, BANDAI’s newest line is our recommendation.

Buy Entry Grade Gunpla

We ship from Barcelona to all countries in the European Union with a flat rate for specific countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. Our delivery times are between 24h to 72h hours.

You can find reviews on our eKomi website and on Google Reviews.

Enjoy Gunpla together

The kits in the Entry Grade line are 1/144 scale mecha which do not need tools, paint nor glue. We only require our fingers and some patience as we follow along the instructs.

Despite their low price, they’re visually appealing with good proportions and details. Moreover, given they can be built without any kind of tool, EGs are the perfect gift for our youngest ones so we share some quality time together.

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