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The Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has not only become a cultural icon all over Japan, it also has spawned one of the longest running model kits in the whole world and leader in the Japanese market known as Gunpla.

It wasn't a hit from the get-go and it had humble beginnings given the series that started it all wasn't a blockbuster and the initial attempts at marketing the suits featured in the show didn't quite hit the mark until BANDAI released their model kits, pre-painted and ready to be assembled. Nobody knew it would become a world-spanning hobby where no barriers existed. It didn't matter your language or where you lived, you could enjoy Gunpla like everyone else. As of today, there are communities all over the world and in Europe, you may find both Gundam and Gunpla communities in plenty of countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany...

What is Gundam? What is Gunpla?

Mobile Suit Gundam is a franchise owned by the Japanese company BANDAI which began with the homonimous Mobile Suit Gundam which as of today still releases new series. But it did not stop there for it jumped onto other media, ranging from manga and live-action movies to videogames.

It's name comes from the titular mecha of the series, the RX-78-2 Gundam also known nowadays as Gramps given it's status as being the father of everything that came afterwards.

Therefore, GunPla comes from Gundam and plastic model.

Model kit classification

Gunpla can be classified through several criteria but more commonly they're classified depending on scale and/or complexity grade.

Right here in our online Gundam store we offer multiple methods, including

We offer a large catalogue of Gundam model kits and should you not find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll try to accomodate you!

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