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What are Real Grade model kits

Initially, the High Grade and similar lines were BANDAI's main focus on the 1/144 scale whose strong points is still remains their ease to build while ensuring details and aesthetics are not sacrificed.

As years passed by and the Japanese company's resources improved, the Real Grade line of model kits was launched, adding all the complexity from bigger scales on a greatly reduced size with the aim of creating a true to life replica of Mobile Suit Gundam mecha.

As has become tradition by now, the initial releases were the RX-78-2 as piloted by Amuro Ray while Char Aznable's Zaku soon followed but this line of scale models did not stop here for it went onto covering a myriad of models such as the Amatsu Mina or Zeong, showing that BANDAI was ready to take care of those suits whose previously models were starting to age.

Pushing the 1/144 scale to new limits

The Real Grade series wasn't meant to just be a way to adapt other scales' innovations but to innovate  and create new ways of building and detailing by which BANDAI would improve their model kits. From the Unicorn's complex design to the more sober Nu Gundam, each and every kit brought something new to the Gunpla world.

But all of these improvements did not stay in this walled garden because some went onto starting brand new lines such as the MGEX or used to adapt other franchises such as Evangelion, turning the line into one of BANDAI's flagships. 

Buy Real Grade Gundam

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