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Gundam Action Base

In order to achieve the best poses or, at the very least, the most dynamic ones, model kits require of a base or support. This base needs to be capable of evenly distributing the weight while not restricting the posability. Thankfully, BANDAI has their own line of products for this purpose you just need to make sure which Action Base you need, taking into account how big the kit is, the scale and the style.

  • Action Base 1 is a large octagonal base acompanied by a smaller square, meant for 1/100 scale, such as the Master Grade and Reborn One Hundred. Some other kits, such as large 1/144No Scale and some SD Gundam kits can also be used.
  • Action Base 2 is composed by two identical bases that may be combined into two different setups. Their purpose is supporting 1/144 High Grade and Real Grade kits alongside certain First Grade and SD. Larger 1/144 models are not recommended for this base.
    • This base can also be used as a secondary base for certain large weapons on kits, such as the swords on the Master Grade Turn Red
  • Action Base 3 is a black rectangular base featuring a spot for customization, a postcard-sized slot. They're meant to support 1/144 scale models such as High Grade and Real Grade.
  • Action Base 4, composed of three hexagonal platforms alongside two arms, covers yet again, the 1/144 scale but also the 1/100 scale range of Gunpla model kits, alongisde SD and Figure Rise character figures.
  • Action Base 5 is meant to support 1/144 scale Gunpla alongside those in the SD and Figure-Rise character figure series, composed by a single hexagonal platform with a short arm.
  • Action Base 6 is a pair of rectangular platforms with support arms and a connector, designed for the Figure-Rise Standard line and the 30 Minutes kits while remaining compatible with the 1/144 scale Gunpla.

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