MG - Master Grade

What's in the Master Grade line?

BANDAI tries to take care of all Gunpla fans, no matter their experience or scale preference which is the reason as to why we can find multiple series at the same scale.

In the case of the Master Grade, it’s purpose is to mark a leap in quality, complexity and size compared to lines like the Full Mechanics or the smaller High Grade while sporting a healthy catalogue where we can find most of the Gundam series. It also serves as a steppingstone towards the premium MGEX or some of the models featured in the line designed by Hajime Katoki.

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Perfect starting point

While series such as the Real Grade have a clear purpose and market, the MG line has managed to cover two opposite markets.

Newcomers get a great point to start model kits with or to slowly level up our skills thanks to the larger part count and size, which makes building it far easier without having dexterous hands. This also helps build a foundation of methodical work given that most Master Grade kits feature an inner frame that gets some armour layered on top.

Veterans get a blank canvas to experiment and toy with. This line of Gundam kits is one of the most popular thanks in no small part to the large scale they come in that allows customizing them to extreme points. LED, modifying cockpits so they can be opened, extending articulation or adding panel lines…

Some of the series featured in the MG line are

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showing 1 to the 12 of 139