Why use Vallejo over other paints

The spanish Vallejo did not start as a hobby / model kit focused paint company, this was a side-effect of their main line of paints originally used in paintings and animation series. A small group of hobbyists began using them to paint scale models and so, the Model Color line was released and the rest is history.

Pintura para todo tipo de modelismo

Nowadays, Vallejo is known for bringing high-quality water-based acrylics to modelers all around the world and have become an industry leader thanks to their constant innovation. It didn't take long for them to start working on increasing their offer and so the Spanish company now features lines such as the lauded Mecha Color focused on mecha kits and specially on Gunpla and others such as Game Ink or Model Air.

Buy Vallejo paints

We're an official Vallejo distributor, ensuring you get the best prices on original products no matter where you are, since we ship to all the European Union with an average delivery time of 24h to 72h.

All of our shipments are sent from our warehouse in Barcelona.

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