Files and sandpaper

Files and sandpaper for mecha kits

As we cut with our nippers to remove the parts from their runners, we'll ideally leave some space in order to avoid stress marks on it.

These nubs need to be removed without applying pressure combining both the hobby knife and sanding tools, be it sanding paper, files, or glass files

Depending on the one, we can use sanding sponges that will allow us to safely sand corners without rounding them, glass files for the shinier parts or thinner files so that we may work on harder-to-reach spots.

Buy files for scale models

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Glass files

These kinds of files, an example of which is the Raser series by Gunprimer, have gained popularity in the recent years thanks to their ease of use due to their method of action. Instead of being an abrasive surface that removes material it features a glass matrix where any material that is not completely flat to the file is removed, this being the nub itself.

They are an excellent tool for a shiny and clean finish, but they need to be properly taken care of to avoid occlusion.

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