Gundam AGE

A brief outline of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is a 49-episode anime series set in the Advanced Generation (A.G.) timeline, spanning across a century and following the lives of three generations of protagonists as they combat the enigmatic alien-like race known as the Vagan. The series is unique in its storytelling structure, as it explores the interconnected lives of the main characters and their roles in the ongoing conflict between Earth and the Vagan.

The story begins with Flit Asuno, a young inventor who creates the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal, a mobile suit featuring the revolutionary AGE System that allows it to adapt and evolve with interchangeable parts and weapons. Flit's journey continues with his son, Asemu Asuno, who pilots the AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal, a transformable mobile suit capable of high-speed flight, and his grandson, Kio Asuno, who commands the AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal, a versatile suit with a modular design that can separate into different units.

Throughout the series, the Asuno family faces various enemies and mobile suits from the Vagan, such as the deadly xvm-zgc Zeydra, the powerful xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis, and the monstrous xvb-xd Farsia

Gundam AGE delves into themes of family, legacy, and the cyclical nature of war, as the protagonists struggle to find a way to end the seemingly endless conflict. Each generation of characters must confront their own challenges and beliefs, shaping the course of the war and the development of mobile suit technology.

Aesthetics and kits to look out for

The mobile suit designs in Gundam AGE are characterized by their colorful, streamlined appearances and the modularity of the AGE System. The series features a mix of traditional Gundam elements with more contemporary and stylized designs, appealing to a younger audience while maintaining its connection to the overall Gundam franchise.

Some of the kits to look out for, sorted by affordability and complexity, are:

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