Pre-order system




One of the most asked questions we get is if we allow pre-orders and until now, the answer has always been no.

The reason for this answer comes from multiple factors, ranging from wanting to offer a simple and intuitive system to taking the decision as to what should be allowed for pre-order. Therefore, today, we are proud of announcing that MechaUniverse’s pre-order system is launched.

On our web you can now find a new category aptly named Incoming pre-orders under which you may find these new products. Our goal with this system is to give you the chance to obtain certain model kits which are rare or in high demand, therefore you will find multiple types of kits and rarities, from Perfect Grade to High Grade.

All the articles in the category mentioned above, Incoming Pre-orders, are a pre-order and we want to make it clear what entails to pre-order an item.

  • Pre-order products are those which are confirmed to be shipped and will be arriving at our warehouses in a period of a few weeks, up to a month. This means that the shipping of your pre-order will be conducted once the product physically arrives at our warehouse.
  • All the products in an order that has a pre-order will be shipped at the same time. For example, if you pre-ordered something that arrives in February alongside some paints available and in stock, until the pre-order product arrives nothing will be shipped.
  • Not all of our new products will be available for pre-order, we will only select a few. Furthermore, only model kits will be available for pre-order.
  • When pre-ordering an item, the item will be paid in full like in a regular order.

Finally, we would like to wish you...

Happy Holidays!