• 16 February, 2023

    Welcoming new members to our family!

    The day has come. The Lfrith is here.

Our restocks are slowly arriving! Many of you have asked about restocks or specific kits, specially those belonging to the RG and MG lines and so, we have tried to get them to arrive earlier.

There are plenty of good news for fans of many series but as highlights…

  • Restock of Witch from Mercury and the arrival of the highly sought-after HG Lfrith!
  • Restock of multiple High Grade, fans of the Kshatriya and Nightingale will be pleased to hear so.
  • We have restocked multiple Real Grade kits, the God Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam among them.
  • The Master Grade line welcomes restocks for kits such as the Nu Gundam Ver.Ka and new additions such as the Virtue

These are some of the products that have arrived and we’re working on updating but they’re neither all of them nor the last to arrive. We have multiple restocks inbound but given some of these were constantly asked about, we did our best to get them to arrive faster.

Keep an eye on the pre-orders section!