Priming your model kits

Before painting any model kit, we need to prepare both our tools, either airbrush or hand brush, and our paints. But we also need to prepare the model itself.

Priming a model means preparing its surface by applying a chemical bonder on top of which we'll lay the paint on. This surface is porous, in contrast to the smooth surface of the palstic, so paint will adhere to it easily and ensure it stays on the model without running or pooling. The primer itself helps protect the paint itself by improving its adhesion and making sure it won't cheap as easily from the model as it would should the piece remain unprimed.

Like paints, there are both lacquer primers and acrylic primers which we need to take into account when planning our paint scheme.

  • If we're gonna use a hotter paint we need to make sure our primer can handle it. For example, we won't use an acrylic primer when painting lacquers.
  • The colour of the primer will affect the paint on top of it. For example, black primer will darken the colours while being ideal for metallic colours while grey primers offer a neutral base.
  • The type of model kit we're working with needs to be taken into account. For example, there are specific primers for metal.

Buy model kit primers

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