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Hobby paints are made by binding a pigment to a carrier, which decides the type of paint we're dealing with. One of the main reasons as to why we should use this kind of paint over regular brands is the grain of the pigment, which is far smaller than in other types of paints and makes it ideal to work with on smaller scales without hiding details.

Lacquer paints are composed of a pigment, either nitrocellulose or acrylic resin, diluted in a medium composed by organic solvents, making them extremely toxic and requiring proper protection equipment when using them the most important piece being a respirator with organic vapour filtering capabilities.

All of these cons come with pros and so, lacquers are the most durable paints for model kits available, with extremely durable finishes achieved after a short drying and curing time. They level easily and so their finish is also uniform and the colours available in this type are unmatched. Even moreso, some techniques become even easier to achieve with lacquer paints, such as the famous candy finish.

Lacquer paints in MechaUniverse

It's hard to suddenly jump into paints given the large variety there are in terms of finishes, type of pigment, dilution or even usage but knowing is half the battle. Here at MechaUniverse we work mainly with

  • Mr. Hobby Color is line of paints by GSI CREOS and so, all lines with this naming scheme will be lacquers. It features an staggering amount of colours in multiple shades, making them an excellent choice, with subseries such as GX, Super Metallic or Gundam Color
  • GPaints from Studio G, born from the same renowned modelers after legions of fans asked how they achieved the colours sported on their models. One of their main perks is their pre-thinned status out of the bottle, making them a beginner friendly line.

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