Gunpla scales and grades

BANDAI follows a rigurous method of classification under which all Gundam models fall and even those from other franchises such as Evangelion.

The main grades are:

SD - Super Deformed

Gundam redesigns in chibi aesthetic or original designs using mythos as a base. Easy to build, similar to the Entry Grade line but they do require some tools.

EG - Entry Grade

Model kits ideal to start the hobby with given they're easy to build, enjoyable and require no tools. They're also great to share moments with those not into the hobby, like our little ones or SO's.

HG - High Grade

1/144 scale models that serve as an entry point into Gunpla alongside the Entry Grade line. They're easy to build and offer a large variety of models which makes it nearly impossible to not find something that we like the look of. Inside this series we also find the High Grade Universal Century subseries, which includes those belonging to this timeline.

RG - Real Grade

1/144 scale models of high complexity, trying to add any and all improvements from other lines crammed into this small format. They're a step forward in terms of complexity and details without taking a shelf by themselves.

FM - Full Mechanics

1/100 scale models that serve as a bridge between High Grade and Master Grade GunPla. More detailed and complex than their 1/144 counterparts without quite reaching the levels of Master Grade.

MG - Master Grade

One of the flaship series from BANDAI, this 1/100 scale line serves as the focus of their efforts. Features large, detailed models from nearly all franchises.

Complex, bigger and usually imposing, they're a great stepping stone before venturing forward into harder-to-build series.

MG Ver.Ka - Master Grade Ver. Ka

Inside the Master Grade series we find the subdivison of Ver.Ka which owes it's name to Hajime Katoki, a Gundam and mecha designer who redesigns certain models giving them his signature look of proportions and surface detail.

MGEX - Master Grade EXTREME

1/100 scale models whose complexity equals or depending on the age of the kit, surpasses, that which is found in the Perfect Grade series. They feature some of the most advanced engineering from BANDAI becoming premium.

For the most enthusiastic of fans and those who want to enjoy some of the best model kits available in the market.

HIRM - Hi-Resolution Model

Models featured in this series of releases are hybrids between scale model and figurine on a 1/100 scale

Their inner frame is prebuilt and it's where we will slowly add the outer parts, such as armour or other accessories.

PG - Perfect Grade

BANDAI's most advanced line alongside the MGEX, all models in this series are 1/60 scale the biggest the japanese company offers outside very specific models with lower complexity.

There's no rival in other series when talking about details, articulation, inner frames and quality. Each and every single one of this model kits are a masterpiece.

MS - Mega Size

The biggest full model kits that BANDAI releases, measured at a 1/48 scale and fully recreating the looks of very specific Gundam suits.


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