Thinner for hobby paints

Plenty of paints require thinner in order to be properly used, either in brush or airbrush, and furthermore, we need to take into account which type of paint we're dealing with to ensure compatibility between paint and thinner.

Ideally, we'll use the manufacturer's own thinner but there are some that are universal. The Mr. Hobby Levelling Thinner is compatible with all kind of lacquer paints and some solvent-based acrylic paint such as Tamiya. Vallejo Airbrush Thinner works with all kinds of water-based acrylic thinner.

Buy Mr. Hobby and Tamiya thinner

MechaUniverse offers you a large offering of thinners, some of them being

  • AMMO Enamel for enamel paints
  • Mr. Color Thinner and Mr. Color Levelling Thinner for lacquer paints
    • Not to be confused with Mr. Color Thinner Aqueous which must only be used with the Mr. Color Aqueous line of water-based paints.
  • Tamiya X-20 for enamel paints and Tamiya X-20A for acrylic paints
    • Tamiya Lacquer Thinner only for their lacquers.
  • Vallejo Airbrush Thinner for water-based acrylics


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