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An essential tool for scale models

Nippers are one of the most important tools any plamo enthusiast has and here at Mecha Universe agree with that sentiment. There may be some that like to rip the pieces out of the sprues with their bare fingers or using their teeth, but please, think of your poor dentist. 

There’s an astonishing amount of nippers in the market, from entry level ones to the expensive pairs, single or double bladed, different handles depending on your preferred method… So it is a bit of a headache when you want to shop for one but you don’t know which. 

How much are you willing to pay for one? Are you looking for a general workhorse or a more specialized tool like a single-bladed one to remove possible stress marks? Do you use the double cut method? Possibilities are endless and choosing the right nippers for model kits is hard.

So, to make things a little bit less confusing, here’s a few keypoints that may help you: 

Method of cutting 

  • Dual-bladed nippers can handle thicker runners are and overall, won’t have any issue dealing with thicker runners. Obviously, this comes at the cost of less clean cuts, for their motion tends to be closer to crushing than cutting so you’ll spend more time sanding and cleaning stress marks. Think of them closer to scissors. 
  • Single-bladed nippers are far sharper than their dual counterparts, but offer a much cleaner cut, ideal to minimize stress marks and less effort / force to apply. The sharpness is a double-edged sword for it brinks fragility to the table and so, certain plastics -like clear runners- or thicker ones should not be cut through with this kind of nipper. Think of them as surgical instruments.


  • Entry to mid level nippers tend to be double-bladed nippers. - BANDAI’s own nippers and others are in this category alongside some others. Meant for those getting into the hobby and wanting the basic tools to begin. 
  • Mid to high level - Most common brands are included in this tier, where you may find tools from reputable brands like Tamiya or certain GodHands products.
  • Enthusiast level - This is where you will find the heavy hitters both for your wallet and runners. Prized nippers like the God Hands SPN-120, DSPIAE STA3.0 or MadWorks MH-03 are here. 

BANDAI SPIRITS ENTRY NIPPER is well-priced nipper for what it offers, a double-bladed tool that will safely cut through any runners you may find without breaking. An ergonomic grip helps you attain muscle memory as to how to properly handle such a tool.
MADWORKS MH-03 NIPPER  is a single-bladed nipper with a double-edged blade more robust than the average single bladed nipper at an exceptional price point. The blade comes pre-oiled no need to worry about rust for quite some time.

GODHAND SPN-120 ULTIMATE NIPPER is recognized as the best nipper available, with unmatched cutting capacity thanks to an extremely sharp edge.

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