Acrylic paints for Gunpla

Hobby paints are made by binding a pigment to a carrier, which decides the type of paint we're dealing with. One of the main reasons as to why we should use this kind of paint over regular brands is the grain of the pigment, which is far smaller than in other types of paints and makes it ideal to work with on smaller scales without hiding details.

Acrylic paints are composed of acrylic resin diluted in a medium, usually water which makes them incredibly easy to use while able to achieve great results. They dry quickly but require a longer curing time compared to other kinds such as lacquer. 

In exchange for all these perks, they are not as scratch-resistant as other kinds of paints and certain techniques may be harder to carry out with them.

Overall, they're an ideal pick for both beginners who want to start customizing their Gunpla and to the experts that know how to fine-tune their dilutions.

Acrylic paints in MechaUniverse

It's hard to suddenly jump into paints given the large variety there are in terms of finishes, type of pigment, dilution or even usage but knowing is half the battle. Here at MechaUniverse we work mainly with

  • Mr. Hobby Aqueous Color is a water-based line of paints by GSI CREOS and so, all lines with this naming scheme will be water-based. It features an staggering amount of colours in multiple shades, making them an excellent choice.
    • The Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gundam Color subtype is a specifically designed line of water-based paints for Gunpla, allowing us to achieve the exact colouring on the models as they were featured in media.
  • Vallejo Mecha Color are an addition to the world-renowned Model Color from the spanish Vallejo. They were designed from the ground-up with mecha model kits in mind, taking into account their articulation, sporting vibrant colouring and a much higher resistance to mechanical damage than other water-based paints.
  • Tamiya also features an acrylic range of paints but they're solvent-based, increasing their resistance and shine when cured. This requires the usage of Tamiya's Thinner or another solvent thinner such as Mr. Levelling Thinner
    • The X Series from Tamiya has a gloss finish while the XF Series have a matt finish
  • AMMO by MiG features three different paint lines depending on our needs
    • The AMMO by MiG Acrylic Color are water-based acrylic paints focused on a military colour scheme.
    • The AMMO by MiG Drybrush Paint is focused on drybrushing
    • The AMMO by MiG Shaders is formed by specific paints that allow the user to achieve shading in an easy and simple way.

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