OL-CM-A4 (Ref. code)

0091511300383 (EAN-13)

OLFA Tapiz de corte A4

21.00% VAT included
Weight: 250 grams

With a product name as it has, it is quite clear that it serves for the purpose of cuttng. But tehre are more reasons you should have a cutting matt.

  • It protects your table from the cuts
  • It protects, keeping the blade sharpness as much as posible
  • grreat surface to lay your masking tape, or your scribbing tape
  • It protects from getting dirty your table with paints and stuff

As soon as your cutting matt gets very worn out, just replace it with a new one, and your workplace will look new another time.

Mecha Universe believes that Cutting MAtt is one of the basic tools that anyone should have for all the reasons metioned before. The A4 Cutting Matt from OLFA is a very good option, compact and price quite interesting. In case you need more space... just buy a new cutting matt and 2 A4s will be 1 A3!



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