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MR CEMENT SP is the new formula from Mr. Hobby being SP standing for Super Power. 

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Weight: 90 grams

MR Cement SP is the new formula from MR. Hobby, SP stands for Super Power. Same as Mr Cement S it is a glue with low viscosity and without resin. but the new formula improves the drying speed and also he dissolving / adhesive strenght. With this new Mr Cement the efficiency in scale modelling has improved and in some case it can replace the instant glues. 

MR Cement SP Black is same Cement SP but with black coloring, this helps the modeler to see clearly where it has been applied or not.

But that doesn't mean that the Mr. Cement S is obsolete as the way of using it and the purpose is different. Once used the SP on any piece it will be firmly bonded so can't split them apart.  So different situations will requires different Mr Cement. 

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