• 18 October, 2021

    We have new website

    Just take your time to read what things are different, you will be very happy to read it!


So finally, today is the DAY!,
We have moved our to our new website!

As some of you already know, the spanish collagues have been using the website some time, thanks to them and their feedbacks we have been able to tune the english site even more. ^__^

So the main reason of a new website, new ecommerce is that we were not happy with our former website. We could make a very long list but just to name some... we didn't like the slow response or the stock syncs that could go crazy.

What things you can expect

  • Super duper mega ultra Faster TRANS AM page load, a general fast / quick response. Stock syncs are now "instant" so no more issues with that horrible nightmare. (at least for us)
  • New filters, the most outstanding would be "In Stock" and a new Category Tree.
  • Wishlist avaible
  • An improved "stock email alert" which will notify you almost instantly.
  • MLPS MechaUniverse Loyalty Points System, has been improved, now you can apply directly your points (discounts) at checkout process, with only one click. So it's faster easier and less hassle!
  • GLS Package Tracking has been improved and Invoices can be downloaded.
  • The so high demanded MUGS now can be just chosen by you directly, no need to write in comments what you want.

Yes, we like our yellowish template so we still keep it. Sorry maybe next time we decide for a new website... we might change... nahhh.

So all of you that had a registered account and have purchased previously we have moved your account to the new website. BUT we couldn't move your pwd (due to GDPR we can't get the pwd) You will need to recover your password "forgot password", if you face issues just ask us in the webchat room, we will help you out.

For the rest, please just register another time your account. Also if you face issues we are in the webchat waiting to help you!.

So we really want to thank all the people that have helped us Beta Testing the new website, we couldn't really make it without you guys!