MW-M-202 (Ref. code)

MW-M-202 (CODE128)

MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm

MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 0.5mm High Perfomance for Low Cost

MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm
MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm
MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm
MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm
MADWORKS Airbrush M-202 Double Action 0.5mm
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Weight: 250 grams

MADWORKS has released their own airbrush made in Taiwan that even the Brand itself claim it is a "basic airbrush" it can really surprise you how much it can perform for how little investment. It is ideal for people starting to use an airbrush, or for people that want to have a second airbrush so they can work with several colors the same time. Basicly having it as a complementary airbrush.

The airbrush can do quite well for small surface, but without any doubt it will shine when we want to work on big areas, where you need higher outputs., atomization is fairly impressive. Besides painting with acrilic, top coatings etc, you can use it to paint with lacquers, gloss effects, with metal paints or Candy paints. If you are thinking on painting your kits with some highlights or advanced techniques (it would require more user's skill) then this is more than enough for you. 

Even the conector that comes with the airbrush is a very genetal one you can use the standard QD airbrush airline standard.  

We cannot state how surprised we were with this product, Mecha Universe strongly recommends this airbrush to any beginner or any experienced user (just for the sake to try test how well it performs! or as complementary airbrush!)

0.2mm - it is a more precise airbrush, you are able to paint very tiny spaces
0.3mm - it is a more versatile airbrush, you can paint tiny/highlights and also have more capacity to paint wide areas. Of course it's a more avarage solution.
0.5mm - it is for wide surfaces, ideal for basecoats, prime, or varnish/top coats.  


  • 1x Barbed Hose coupling / connector
  • Additional o-ring
  • 2x Caps, Round and Crown Type.
  • 1x Wrench
  • 1x Manual User / Parts Breakdown

In case you have some doubts please feel free to watch this video by Madworks that has a very good comparison and explanation of their product, You can skip if you want to only watch MW-M-201. 23:20. This one is for 0.3mm but at the end is the same quality with a bigger nozzle and needle.


MADWORKS - a Taiwanese company founded in 2015 by a group of modellers aiming for researching and developing new tools that helped them in their hobby. Right now they are well known in ASIA for their good quality and affordable tools. Also they are working on Garage Kits (GKs) that will make your kits look even better!



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